Why we exist

Most of us know that what we eat affects our physical health, but there is less understanding about the importance of good nutrition in developing and maintaining a healthy brain.

We exist to translate nutritional research into clear information and creative solutions, empowering people to think through nutrition and make positive changes.

Our brains influence and dictate our intelligence, our instincts, our alertness and every aspect of our behaviour. Research demonstrates that the right nutrition improves brain health, resulting in better concentration, sociability and mental health.

Over the last century, there’s been an increase in food choice and food availability but we are also generally consuming fewer essential nutrients. This is due to a number of factors: farming methods and livestock feeding practices have changed and, very significantly, we cook at home less frequently and eat a lot of processed foods.

It can be challenging for us to access the right nutrition without focused effort, and the effects of this are visible in how people generally feel and in the rise of mental health and behavioural issues. There is clear evidence that we need to eat far less ‘junk’ and more foods rich in micronutrients and essential fatty acids to better care for our brains. By doing so, we can help to reduce mental health problems and behavioural issues.